Hairstroke eyebrow diagram

Hairstroke brows

The hairstroke technique involves using the needle to create fine hairstrokes that mimic the natural appearance of your eyebrows. It creates a discreet and natural look.

£350 (including initial & top up treatment)

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Combination eyebrow diagram

Combination brows

Combination brows combine the hairstroke and powder technique – starting by using our hairstroke technique to create fine hairstrokes throughout the front of your brows for a softer look, then finish with a strong, defined, powdered tail.

£350 (including initial & top up treatment)

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Powder eyebrow diagram

Powder brows

Powder brows are perfect for those who fill and powder their brows with make up every day. The technique creates a very soft, blended finish – you’ll find no harsh edges or block brows here!

£350 (including initial & top up treatment)

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Eyebrow treatment process

The appointment will last for one hour which involves a consultation to discuss which brow type will suit your face, followed by a brow mapping process.

The treatment then involves using a machine powered needle to scratch your skin to embed the pigment which can feel a little uncomfortable. Bleeding is minimal and less likely if you follow pre-care instructions. After the tattooing process is complete, we pluck or thread your brows to neaten them and check the final result.

You will then come back for a top up appointment four weeks later – this is included the price.

Poppy's Cosmetics eyebrow tattoo
Poppy's Cosmetics before and after eyebrows
Eyebrow healing process

Day 1: Fresh, amazing
Day 2 – 4: Bold, dark
Day 5 – 8: Scabbing, flaking
Day 8 – 10: Fading
Day 14 – 21: Healed, patchy
Day 28: Top-up time!

Machine brows vs. microblading

At Poppy’s Cosmetics, our method is machine based, which is safe as it never implants the pigment too deep and there is little risk of scarring or discolouration. Skin tends to accept the pigment very well from the machine and results last a long time.  We use the best machine and needles on the market and are trained to the highest industry standards with the Nouveau Contour Academy.

Microblading involves a manual blade making small cuts into the skin and embedding the ink – while this can provide great results, this manual technique is not for everyone and we prefer the machine method.

Poppy's Cosmetics before and after eyebrow tattooing
Already have your brows done?

Colour boost

Single session to refresh your brows

6 – 12 months: £175
12 – 24 months: £200

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Colour boost or corrections of another artists work is assessed on a case by case basis

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Other eyebrow tattoo information
Prior to the appointment

You will need to apply a numbing cream prior to the appointment. We recommend EMLA cream which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Before your appointment, avoid blood thinning medication for 72 hours and avoid alcohol and coffee for 24 hours – these measures reduce the chance of bleeding during your treatment.

Don’t have your brows waxed or tinted for two weeks before your appointment.

During the appointment

The treatment involves a needle scratching your skin to embed the pigment which can feel a little uncomfortable but the numbing agent minimises the pain. Normally it feels more uncomfortable at the start but once the numbing agent takes effect, you shouldn’t feel much.

There are a lot of factors that impact this. It is advisable that you don’t drink alcohol 24 hours before treatment and don’t take asprin as these can thin the blood and make bleeding more likely. Bleeding can occur due to the needle scratching the skin, but if so, it’s usually minimal.

Absolutely not! Our work is all about working with what you already have and creating as natural a look as possible. We’ve created brows where there is very little or no hair before but we only shape what you have with a little tweezing and threading.

After the appointment

Healing brows takes up to four weeks, scabbing and itchiness usually goes away within a week or two. This depends on your skin, lifestyle and how well you care for your brows.

Keep the area dry for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, wipe the area gently with a cotton pad and warm water twice a day to remove any dry blood – continue this for five days.

Don’t apply Vaseline – it will increase the chances of infection and interfere with the healing process.

Don’t pick the scabbing, let it fall off naturally. If you accidentally knock some of the scabbing away, we can look at this once your brows are healed at your top-up appointment. Once the scabbing has healed, you can powder in any gaps to balance them in the meantime.

Healing normally takes up to four weeks but the scabbing and itchiness has normally gone within a couple of weeks. This does depend on your skin, lifestyle and how well you care for your brows so it’s not an exact science.

Avoid putting things like powder and foundation on or around your brows for at least 7 days after treatment. If you don’t follow this advice you increase the chances of an uncomfortable infection.

We need to wait until your brows are fully healed to do anything about this. The chances are it’ll be ok and I’ll do everything we can at your top up to make sure you have perfect brows.

Don’t panic, this is totally normal and a part of the healing process – it’s the healed scab falling away to reveal the end results underneath.

This depends on many factors such as; your skin type, age and how well you follow the aftercare instructions. Follow the aftercare tips on the best ways to look after them which will make them last as long as possible. All brows start off dark because the pigment and scabbing is fresh – they will look more natural once healed. Brows require regular top ups to keep them looking fresh and it’s the nature of the pigment to fade over time – that’s why it’s semi-permanent makeup.

After your top up appointment, brows require regular colour boosts every 12 – 24 months to keep them looking fresh and lasting longer. Your skin type, age and how well you follow aftercare instructions impacts how long your brows last. Over time, the pigment will fade– that’s the nature of semi-permanent makeup.

Avoid using exfoliants of any kind on your brows, particularly retinols, acids or scrubs.

Keep your eyebrows moisturised, especially at night, and during the day wear SPF. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to ensure even healing and reduce potential skin damage.

Ensure threading, waxing and plucking is done around the brows to keep the shape.

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